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Contaminated Instruments

When you undergo surgery or any other invasive procedure at a hospital, you naturally expect a certain measure of safety. At the least, you expect that the tools used for your procedure will be properly clean and sterilized. When you cannot even count on this basic premise, somebody needs to be held responsible. A skilled Pittsburgh medical malpractice lawyer can help you do just that.

When medical instruments are improperly cleaned and sterilized, they open up future patients to a world of life-threatening problems from Staph and MRSA infections to blood-borne diseases like AIDS and hepatitis. Not only can these complications be dangerous or even fatal, but they can have stressful financial effects as well. Mistakes can lead to extra days or even weeks of hospital stay, keeping you unable to work as you undergo costly additional surgeries or treatments to ease the problem. In times like this, you have the right to pursue financial compensation for your suffering through a medical malpractice lawsuit. This suit can help you with medical fees and ongoing care, and the message it sends to your hospital can help to prevent future careless mistakes.

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