Accidents happen every day, and many are tragically unavoidable. But when an accident happens in a hospital, and it is caused by recklessness or negligence that could have been easily avoided, that is medical malpractice. Unfortunately, this is a situation that happens all too often.

Anyone who has been the victim of medical malpractice knows that it can be a harrowing and painful experience. A “routine procedure” can quickly become a tragedy that affects whole families. Medical malpractice can lead to terrible injuries including:

But what you may not know is that you have options. You could be entitled to substantial financial compensation for your damages.

Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice Attorney for the Compensation You Deserve

At the Law Office of Pittsburgh’s Medical Malpractice Lawyer, we are dedicated to helping our clients recover compensation for injuries suffered due to hospital negligence. We have years of trial experience, with a proven track record of success. This experience has earned us respect among our peers in the Pittsburgh judicial system, as well as recognition as a legal powerhouse among the medical community.

At our firm, we know that it is impossible to determine the cost of a lifetime of care within such a short time. With this in mind, we fight for the maximum settlement possible for each of our clients. We have the resources—and the skills—to take on even the biggest insurance companies and hospitals and ensure that this happens.

Medical malpractice can change your life forever. If it has happened to you, it is your right to hold the guilty parties accountable, and we can help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Pittsburgh medical malpractice lawyer today.